PD: Man to Shoot Up Burger King for Stopping Breakfast

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MANCHESTER, CT. — A Manchester man is facing charges after allegedly threatening to shoot up a Burger King because it stopped serving breakfast.

Police said Gary Kuhn went into the Center Street Burger King on Sunday and made a comment referencing the film Falling Down, where a man threatens a fast-food restaurant with a gun for not selling him breakfast.

“That’s crazy,” said Ricardo Almario of Manchester. “Somebody who does something like that is probably not of the right mind set to get upset about breakfast.”

Kuhn was charged with threatening and breach of peace.

Police said despite the threat, Kuhn was not carrying a weapon and thankfully no customers were injured.

“I would be very scared… especially now with the news, people shooting at each other for no reason,” Almario said.

He was held on a $10,000 bond and is expected to appear in court on April 30.

Kuhn has no prior criminal record.

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