Pasquales Upgrades Production Due to Hot Sales in Frozen Pizza

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HUMBOLDT, Iowa — Wednesday was the public grand opening of Pasquales Pizza’s new production facility. The company converted an old Faraway store into a pizza preparation and assembly line. The building also includes freezer space, and room for the firm to expand.

“The freezer wasn’t large enough handle the capacity we need to grow and try new products within that time,” said Pasquales General Manager, Kyle Pierson. “There is quite a bit more space in this room, the ten of us would bounce off each other in the other space so tight.”

The company sells pizza through grocery stores in Iowa, most Fareways and HyVee stores. The company considers it’s a small player against some big companies in frozen pizza sales.

“If you go into the freezer aisle at the local grocery store you’ll see there’s only a set amount of space,” said Rierson. “As a local Iowa grown pizza, we have to fight for that same amount of space that the big companies fight for.”

The company opened for tours for area business people and vendors on Wednesday with another open house for the public in the late afternoon.

Nothing but the best meats go in the sauce is still homemade from 1956,” said Rierson. “The same sauce is still homemade here that was back in the 1950s.”

Pasquales Frozen Pizza was launched in the 1980’s from a restaurant of the same name. The original frozen pizzas were produced right in the store. Sometime later the company moved to a building next door. Now they’ve outgrown that building.

“Proud of the growth and excited for what’s to come just like the people of the community to see, what we’ve done what’s been going over the last 30 years,” said Rierson.


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