Parts of Kelley Still Flooded Over a Week After Rain Started

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KELLEY, Iowa  --  The Story County town of Kelley still has streets underwater after areas received between 12 and 15 inches of rain within just a few days starting last Thursday. The town's mayor says they're doing all they can to move the water out, but they need some help.

“Monday, we received this pump from Homeland Security, and we've been pumping ever since,” said Mayor Kenny Kling.

The town was able to acquire a second pump and more hosing, and the two have been running together for 48 hours straight. However, Kling says they still need more.

“We've been waiting for hose to become available. The rental company, Star Rental up in Ames, has been going around the state getting all the hose they can for us so that we can pump this as far as we can,” said Kling.

Kling says the town is hooked into a county tiling system, but it was built about 100 years ago.

“We've added tiles leaving town so we'd have more flow leaving town, but there's just so much water that it's hard for the tiles to take that much water that fast,” he said.

Some residents were luckier than others; Sherrie Mueggenberg's family started running their sump pump immediately.

“We were a little worried it wouldn't keep up for a while there, but it has so far. We have a completely finished basement so that's very, very good. We do not want water in the basement,” she said.

For those who weren't so lucky, Governor Reynolds signed a disaster zone proclamation, freeing up state funds.

“People who have lower-income now qualify for grant money they can use for car repair, home repairs, food, what they need to get themselves back to where they need to be,” said Kling.

Kling says emergency management is working with the state to bring in flooding experts to help figure out the best way to move the water. He says residents should start seeing major improvements by next week, but more rain is in the forecast for Tuesday, which could set them back.


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