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WAUKEE, Iowa — Parents voiced their concerns with a new boundary proposal at a Waukee school board meeting on Monday.

“I understand movement is a product of a growing district, and I know most of us signed up for this by choosing Waukee as a place to call home, but envision this: for my son and his friends, they will have spent two years at Maple Grove (Elementary) School. Under the proposed plan, they will move to Waukee Elementary next year for two years, then on to Vince Meyer for another year, Waukee Middle School for one year, and then assuming things go as we`ve heard with the new elementary school build, over to South Middle School for one year. Then to Timberline for two years and then to Waukee High School for three years. That`s seven schools in 12 years,” said Kendra Rice of Emerson Lane in Waukee.

Rice said that she spoke on behalf of the entire Glynn Village neighborhood, and there were lots of people at the meeting from that neighborhood. Rice said she felt like the Waukee School District is treating children as numbers instead of people.

Parents from the Walnut Trace neighborhood in Urbandale also spoke out and voiced their concerns. “My son, who’s currently in first grade, will be in three schools by the time he’s in fourth grade and there’s an overwhelming body of research, as the Glynn Village talked about, that suggests that making children switch schools is not good for their learning. It sets them back 6-8 months, 6-9 months, and it also has profound psychological effects that really aren’t fully understood,” said Carrie Schoenebaum of 153rd St. in Urbandale.

Schoenebaum said that she spoke on behalf of 30 other people. “This is my first opportunity as a parent advocating in front of a school board and administration for my children and I’ve got to say it’s been somewhat disappointing. The answers we get aren’t really answers. I expected to hear ‘we understand. We really feel for your students and we’re trying to do what’s best and we want to work with you’ but what I get is ‘it’s gonna be a nice building that they’re moving to, be thankful that you’re in Waukee,’” said Matt Weber, also of 153rd St. Urbandale.

A Committee has worked for eight months to create the new boundaries in preparation for the opening of Grant Ragan Elementary School. The Waukee School Board will vote on whether to implement the proposal in December.