Parents Voice Concern Over Perry Day Care Owners at Center of Death Investigation


Misty and Marc Ray

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PERRY, Iowa – Perry Police say they expect to release more information involving the death of a teenage girl by the end of this week.

On Monday, investigators interviewed family members and parents of children who attended the day care, “Rays of Sunshine.”

Kimberly Ramos says she trusted Marc and Misty Ray, the owners of the daycare. For the last two months, the couple watched Ramos’ one-year-old son.

However, the recent death investigation involving the Rays’ 16-year-old daughter Sabrina, has her thinking otherwise. Documents obtained from DHS say the day care also doubles as a foster home, and the couple have combated improper discipline and nutrition complaints since 2013.

“I’m scared because I don’t know if they hit my child. I don’t know if they didn’t feed him. What I’m hearing is she [ Sabrina ] was starving. Was my son not getting food too,” questions Ramos.

Ramos says she didn’t know much about the daycare providers, only that their house was clean, they were friendly and had a special connection with her son.

“I would pick him up [ from daycare]. He would be happy and blowing kisses to Marc, so I saw he had a connection with him,” she says.

On the day Sabrina was found dead, the Rays announced they were going a two-week vacation out-of-state, according to Ramos. She called the timing “suspicious.” Ramos adds she often saw Sabrina and the couple’s other children. She says she last saw the teen last Wednesday day, two days before authorities found her dead. Ramos says something didn’t look right.

“When I saw, them they looked like they were in the bad condition, really skinny. I would have never thought Sabrina looked 16 based off the way she looked to me.”

An official cause of death for Sabrina Ray has not been determined.

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