Parents Get Creative to See High School Athletes at Limited Capacity Drake Relays Events


DES MOINES, IOWA — The Drake Relays are back, bringing together the best high school athletes from across the state at Drake University in Des Moines – however not all parents are pleased with the admission policies this year. A limited number of fans are being allowed into the stadium each day. That’s left many parents unable to be in the stadium to watch their kids run.

However those parents and other fans have found a way to catch the race without being indoors. From the North end of Drake Stadium, fans have a clear view of the action on the track. On Thursday parents and even coaches who were denied tickets to the stadium lined up to catch a free glimpse from outdoors.

“It’s only one coach gets a ticket,” says Woodbine coach Kyle Bartels outside the stadium, “The rest of us wanted to come down and support him today. We had to sit outside the fence but at least we get to watch.” For some high seniors, this event could be the last of their careers. Parents gave gave athletes long farewell hugs outside the gate before letting their teens head inside. Those parents then searched out a spot outside the stadium to spy on the events. That included the Schutte family from Tipton.

Other ways to watch the Drake Relays

“It’s a bit frustrating. He didn’t qualify until the last day when the tickets went on sale, so we weren’t even looking yet,” say parents Clayton and Jennifer Schutte, “That’s why we looked on Google Maps and check things out to kind of see what we could see from the outside and we heard from other people about back in Tipton. You can see pretty well from the outside,”

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