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We’re learning more about the Des Moines teen who died of starvation last year.  Yesterday, investigators released the search warrant affidavit for the home where Natalie Finn was found back in October.

Police say Natalie was lying on the floor in a bare room unresponsive and not breathing.  They say she was also wearing an adult diaper and appeared to have been in her own waste for quote, “some time.”

Police say the home smelled of urine and that there were a dozen cats and several dogs running through the house.  According to the affidavit, two other children at the home were admitted to the hospital because they were severely underweight and suffering from bedsores.

During an interview with police Natalie’s adoptive mother, Nicole Finn, told investigators the room was empty because the flooring had recently been replaced.  She also said Natalie was underweight because she refused to eat.  That’s the same conclusion the Department of Human Services reached when workers visited the home in August, just two months before Finn died.

In that case, West Des Moines Police in conjunction with representatives from the Department of Human Services (DHS) worked a case where Natalie had alleged that her mother was not feeding her.  When the matter was investigated, police and DHS found that there was ample food in the home and that Natalie was deciding not to eat.

Despite the August conclusion, Natalie Finn was determined to have died from starvation.

Murder, child endangerment and neglect charges are filed against Natalie’s mother, 42-year old Nicole Finn.  Nicole’s ex-husband, 46-year old Joseph Finn is also charged with child endangerment and neglect.  Both have remained in jail since their arrest in December.  They are scheduled to stand trial in October.