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DES MOINES, Iowa –Taking the time to get a facial is a treat not all women get to enjoy. A local spa provided the service for a group of woman not used to pampering.

Sara Simmons isn’t used to a getting a facial. She said, “I’ve never pampered myself.”

So the time at the East Village Spa is a real treat as she works to get her life back on track. She said, “I got charged with possession and intent to deliver. I did three years in Mitchellville women’s prison.”

She entered the Beacon of Life after she was released. It’s a transitional program that serves about 100 women a year. Director Keshia Meissner said, “A lot of substance abuse, addictions, domestic violence, sexual assaults that kind of thing, so whatever the issue might be that has derailed their life.”

The East Village Spa invited twelve women from the program for complimentary facials. Owner Cassie Sampson said, “For a lot of women, this is kind of a new thing to have that positive touch and a positive experience with a service provider, like our estheticians.”

The spa also provided skin care education and products. Sampson said, “They’ll also get some education, and they’ll get to take home enough products to last them for at least six months, so they can continue because a big part of skin care isn’t just the facial. It’s what you’re doing at home.”

Sampson hopes the service gives the women a confidence boost when they’re reuniting with family or looking for jobs.

Simmons said, “I’m building healthy positive relationships and continue my sobriety, and so it’s just going to help me transition back into society and be a productive member.”

Simmons headed out to look for a new job after her facial. She hoped the treatment would give her extra confidence.