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DES MOINES, Iowa — A Des Moines man wants a new home, but not a new neighborhood.

Sherman Hill’s Brad Argo is moving an old house, that had been slated to be demolished, from 40th and Ingersoll to the Sherman Hill neighborhood.

MidAmerican Energy spent Wednesday afternoon preparing for the move by temporarily relocating utility lines and traffic lights, making sure they were out of the way. Late Wednesday night the house began its journey down Grand Avenue, which has fewer power lines than Ingersoll.

It was a big production, but one that’s more common than you might imagine.

“The standard procedure. Moving them all night long and all the gnarly trees and the wires and fiber optics it just takes a lot of work, a lot of men,” said Billy Bell of Billy Bell House Moving, LLC.

The house is being dropped onto its new foundation Thursday morning.

There is a new commercial building planned for the lot at 40th and Ingersoll.