Outdoor Car Show Rolls on Despite Summer Cancelations in Metro


DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s all systems go for the 29th annual Speedway Motors Heartland Nationals Goodguys Car Show this Fourth of July weekend.

“290 acres is where we are going to be displaying 3,500 to 4,000 cars,” said the organization’s VP of Event Operations Harry Daviess.

Goodguys organizers have been working diligently with state and Polk County health officials to keep the over 20,000 expected attendees safe from July 3 to July 5. Daviess said, “We want to keep that social distance — that six feet of social distance — and also bring a mask and bring a portable hand sanitizer.” Masks will also be available to purchase on site.

Polk County Public Information Officer Nola Aigner Davis urges attendees towards caution. “Anytime we see a large group of people come together during COVID-19, it causes worry and concern for the health department,” said Davis.

Hand washing and sanitizer stations will be posted throughout the event and social distancing markers will appear in areas where lines form near food vendors and restrooms. Daviess said, “We have a safety team that will be out in the event plus staff constantly reminding people to stay social distanced.”

Despite the Iowa State Fair being canceled, Daviess says the estimated car show attendance numbers dwarf in comparison. “We thought of every precaution we can to make sure we are safe,” Daviess said.

Health officials hope car enthusiasts don’t take the green light for the show as sign that the COVID-19 pandemic is fading away. Davis said ,”Over the last seven days, cases in Polk County have jumped up 20 percent.”

Masks are recommended outside at the Goodguys Car Show but are mandatory at inside venues like the Varied Industries Building where vendors and merchandise stands are located. Organizers say they expect a 50% decrease in vendors inside. “If you aren’t comfortable and still not ready to get out, we fully understand that. It’s your choice, but when you do come, come prepared to be responsible,” said Daviess.

As onlookers reminisce this weekend about the beauty of cars from years gone by, health experts hope they also think about the future. Davis said, “The decisions that you make today are going to effect the health of yourself, your loved ones and the community.”

Online tickets are also available for contactless tickets. Visit good-guys.com for more information.


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