OSCEOLA, IOWA — Matt Stoll has resigned as mayor of the town of Osceola seven months after winning election by luck of the draw amid rumors about an ‘incident’ at a local golf course. The city announced via email on Wednesday that Stoll was resigning from office immediately. He will be replaced temporarily by councilmember Dr. George Fotiadis on the council until a permanent replacement is named.

The press release from the city concludes with the line: “The incident that occured at the Osceola Golf Course on June 4th, 2022 remains under review.” Further information about the ‘incident’ or how it relates to Stoll was not available from Osceola Police.

Stoll won the mayor’s seat in November 2021 after tying incumbent Mayor Tom Kedley in the general election with 382 votes each. According to state law, one persons name was randomly drawn – from a candy dish – with Stoll being the victor.

The controversy over that election continues. Last month a Clarke County man was indicted on election misconduct charges for registering to vote at an address where he doesn’t live before the election. Kedley specifically alleged that voter fraud allowed Stoll to win the election just weeks after he lost.