OSCEOLA, Iowa — Earlier in the week, it seemed certain that Amtrak would suspend its long-distance rail routes as a freight strike loomed. Instead, the strike was resolved, which means towns along the rails like Osceola can breathe a sigh of relief.

Amtrak announced it would restore its service after previously announcing plans to stop transit at 12:01 a.m. Friday. The restored lines include the California Zephyr, which runs through Iowa on its way between Chicago and San Francisco.

Osceola is served by the California Zephyr and is Iowa’s busiest Amtrak station, with more than 7,000 passengers boarded last year. Osceola mayor-elect Thomas Kedley said he is satisfied the service will continue with no delay.

“When I heard that they negotiated and came to a compromise and that Amtrak would be running again, I was jumping for joy,” Kedley said. Amtrak is sincerely important to our community and the tourism of our community. There was a huge weight of relief lifted. We don’t want to lose that.”