DES MOINES, Iowa — Just outside of the Drake Relays, a culinary experience let food enthusiasts run through Des Moines’ finest Black cuisine.

The Soul Food Village set up shop at Kitchen Spaces Saturday afternoon, which was just half a mile away from Drake Stadium. The event featured a bevy of Black-owned restaurants all under one roof.

“This is really the brainchild of my dad, Ron Bradley, who wanted to really promote other businesses,” said Dwana Bradley, who both organized the event and owns Ruby B’s Kitchen and Catering.

“We believe there is no competition, just purpose,” Bradley continued. “We are doing our purpose with Ruby B’s, but we wanted to highlight the other Black-owned food businesses.”

“It’s beneficial for all of us,” said Lady Jerk restaurant owner Arletta McCoy, who had a both at the Soul Food Village. “It’s bringing me more business and more people to come in and eat some of my good food.”

Some of the restaurants, including Ruby B’s, do not have a permanent brick-and-mortar location yet.

“This space shows us how to run a restaurant, and that’s what’s important,” said Ruby B’s kitchen manager Donna Wesley. “There’s more to a restaurant than just cooking.”

Organizers hope to host the event next year.