WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wrapped up a busy weekend in Iowa, the governor has held campaign events in 98 out of 99 counties in the state.

Back in May when DeSantis first announced he set his sight on the finishing the “full Grassley” before the January 15 caucus date.

“One thing I have learned is that Iowans take this responsibility very seriously,” said DeSantis. “They are very attentive to the problems in this country. They believe in this country but they want to see a different direction. And I saw that reverberate in all corners of the state. It’s really been an interesting experience.”

DeSantis will be finishing the last county after the Thanksgiving holiday. The governor spent 10 minutes with WHO 13’s Zach Fisher to discuss the campaign trail in the state, his promise to farmers in the ethanol industry and school choice. You can view the whole interview in the video above.