One and Done. Ames Artists Prepare to Debut Out of This World Musical

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AMES, Iowa — “Moonrock: The Musical” started with a conversation that Sascha Antropov thought was a joke, until co-creator Lyndsay Nissen checked in on the progress a few weeks later.

“I was like, I haven’t done anything … I didn’t know this was real and she was like ‘oh yeah! This is real,’” said Antropov.

From there, the far-out journey about taking a trip to the moon, took off.

“Because everybody loves space,” exclaimed Antropov. “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love space. Kids love it, adults love it, probably animals love it.”

“I think space is just a great metaphor for exploring the unknown. Just like doing something that not many people have done before,” added Nissen.

Much like this experience for the creators. As musicians, Antropov and Nissen are familiar with the stage, but jumping head first into theater is a whole new challenge.

“None of the people really know what they’re doing. We’ve never done this before. The actors haven’t done this before,” said Antropov. “They’re just kind of being themselves with a little extra flair,” said Nissen.

But this production isn’t focused on a polished product.

“To us, it’s not about the show. What we’re doing, it’s about the journey of it… We’re not even nervous about the show. It’s already miles better than we ever imagined it would be and we’re just going to have fun with it.”

And they’ve learned some things about themselves and their friends along the way.

“You know people, you see them, you talk to them, you don’t realize what they’re capable of until you see them perform and shine,” beamed Antropov.

“It’s a real spiritual experience to be able to put yourself out there and feel like you can just be you in your own unique way and it changes people. It allows them to express things we don’t get to express doing normal, day-to-day things,” said Nissen.

Everything about “Moonrock” is intentional. Even the skies align for the performance.

“We just waited until the next lunar eclipse and said ‘yep. That’s when it is. That’s when we’re gonna play it.’”

And all proceeds will be used to pay it forward.

“Funding future projects and then just everything that Reliable Street does I guess in progressing the arts here in Ames,” said Antropov.

They believe with enough passion and commitment, everyone’s visions can become reality.

“The theme of this is ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”

“Moonrock: The Musical” will be performed Sunday at the Ames City Auditorium.  Tickets are $20 and the show starts at 5 p.m. All proceeds go to support Reliable Street, a collective space in Ames that helps build the community through art.


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