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ANKENY, Iowa — Every year the rehabilitation center On With Life has the tradition of taking patients to Target for holiday shopping. Due to the pandemic, that wasn’t an option this year. However, all hope wasn’t lost for some holiday fun. 

Instead of going to Target, On With Life has decided to bring Target to its residents. On With Life staff has built a store in its facility. 

“They told us that they were going to take the money that they would normally spend on buying their boss a present and doing Secret Santa presents between the therapy staff and put towards this store,” On With Life Public Relations Brand Manager, Abby Boogards said.  “And then we did a Facebook fundraiser and it kind of blew up from there.” 

On With Life’s original goal was to raise $500. As of yesterday, over $2,600 has been raised through in-person and online donations. 

This built-in Target store will include aisles for inpatients to shop by category, a station to wrap gifts, a Starbucks kiosk, and even employees who will assist customers in the traditional Target uniform. 

Gifts will include anything from toys and games to clothes and toiletries. 

One therapist, Jessica Blough, explained that community integration is a huge part of On With Life’s rehabilitation process and this event also helps patients keep on track with therapy. 

“Having the Target outing here still, it’s going to let us work on functional mobility endurance, reaching communication, attention, problem-solving, organization. All of the things you can imagine that we’re doing on a day to day basis just in a more functional environment,” Blough said. 

If you wish to make a donation to On With Life you can drop it off at their Ankeny facility at 715 SW Ankeny Rd. or make an online donation