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ANKENY, Iowa– As a brain injury rehabilitation center, On With Life sees firsthand why wearing a helmet is so vital. In fact, the CDC said helmets reduce the odds of head injury by nearly 70%. 

“We know wearing helmets is so important that we decided to make a month dedicated to it, where our social media feeds, where our time and energy was spent advocating for helmet use in Iowa,” PR and Brand Manager, Abby Boogards said. 

To celebrate Helmet Awareness month, On With Life has partnered with the Clive Police Department to hand out free bike helmets in Clive, Ankeny, Glenwood and Coralville tomorrow. 

The rehabilitation center is also fighting for helmet laws in the state. Currently Iowa is among three states, along with Illinois and New Hampshire with no helmet laws in place. 

On With Life has been advocating for helmet laws for a few years. Boogards said it’s stories like Christina Kuecker’s that keep them motivated. 

In 2011, Kuecker got hit by my car while on a moped on her way to work. The accident resulted in her losing one fifth of her brain. However if she wasn’t wearing a helmet, Kuecker said that day could have been a lot worse.

“If I wasn’t wearing a helmet I wouldn’t be standing here today. I’d be a vegetable or not alive,” Kuecker said.

Since her accident, Kuecker has been a firm advocate with On With life, encouraging Iowans to wear helmets. 

“Helmets are very  important because that’s what saved my life. And whenever I see somebody riding a motorcycle or moped or a bicycle without a helmet, in my head I call them organ donors,” Kuecker said. 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission a majority of the 80,000 cycling-related head injuries treated in emergency rooms each year are brain injuries. On With Life believes more helmets on the road will result to less fatalities. 

“We need helmet laws. We need people to be wearing their helmets. You saw Christina’s story where a helmet saved her life,” Boogards said. “That’s what we want people to remember, that helmets save your life. Helmets are protecting the one brain you get.” 

For more information about On With Life’s helmet giveaway, visit their website