PARENT REACTION: Sebring Resigns From Omaha

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Scandalous emails discovered in Nancy Sebring's district account led to her early resignation in Des Moines and the resignation from her new job in Omaha. 

   The emails were uncovered as part of open records requests made by the Des Moines Register and the Omaha World-Herald. Now, the Omaha School District is without its new leader, and parents here in Des Moines are left shocked and angry at their former leader's behavior on school time.

  “Due to recent events, my ability to lead the district has been compromised. I offer my resignation as Superintendent of the Omaha School district,” writes Dr. Nancy Sebring in an email written to the Omaha School District Attorney. In a 9-1 vote, the board accepted her resignation after the former Des Moines Superintendent's love affair surfaced from her account on school email.

  “I have not read the emails and I have no intention of reading the emails my opinion it’s the action and not what contained in the emails,” commented Freddie Gray, Omaha School Board President. However, Des Moines parents had plenty to say.

  “I was kinda blown away. It reminds me of something political and it’s pretty shocking,” says parent Malinda McCauley.

  The emails describe sexual encounters with a secret lover. While at work on a Monday, Sebring writes, “While I was panicking about the fact that you were married, I was conveniently ignoring the fact that I am also married.”

  “She was obviously using poor judgment to fool around using school to do it. I think its poor judgment and very tacky,” says parent Becky Bent.

  Sebring goes on to write about her new job in Omaha, saying “the new salary will allow me to do some things that I have wanted and needed to do, divorce being one of them.”

  “You have an email at home, use that. I don't care what you do in your personal life but when you use the public school system to have an affair, that’s tacky. You're supposed to be an example to kids.”

  Des Moines school board members also disapproved of the emails when they surfaced several weeks ago. President Terre Caldwell-Johnson says the emails are the real reason Sebring resigned early as Des Moines Superintendent, not "preparing for a new job," like Caldwell-Johnson claimed at first.

  “We mentioned to her there were several of us that were concerned. She hesitated for just a moment and then indicated that it was her intent to submit her resignation,” says Caldwell-Johnson.

  While Caldwell-Johnson commends Sebring for her accomplishments in Des Moines, she says the Des Moines School District is ready to move on.

  “Was it a big deal? Absolutely. Was it wrong? Without question!  But again, we've got to focus on the future."

  Des Moines parents hope that future is in the hands of someone who is a positive role model for their children.

 “Really some of the specifics in the emails are scary. It’s scary that someone like that is in charge of kids.”


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