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Excitement is building in Iowa for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. And, skaters at a local rink will be keeping a close eye on the figure skating competition and getting into the Olympic Spirit.

New Skater Allison Dicks says she enjoys the thrill of the rink. She says, “Just skating gives you that happy feeling.”

Her sister Madison Dicks says, “Basically I can just be free and be me.”

Instructor Burton Powley says, “I kind of think of the skating rink as a giant canvas. The music is the color and the skater is the brush.”

Polwey has seen his share of success on the ice. He says, “I’ve been a four time World Champion in skating, and I hold the men’s title ten times.”

He now runs the Skating Academy at the Ice Ridge inside the Southridge Mall. The rink is made of synthetic polymer, so it isn’t cold and wet like your typical ice rink. He says, “We’re trying to provide an opportunity for the next up and coming skater. We might have an Olympic skater right here in Des Moines. We just have to give them the opportunity.”

And, they’re really getting into the spirit of the Winter Olympic Games. They’re going to host a party at the Ice Ridge on February 16th. And, you can even earn a medal. Powley says, “We’re going to do all the events like they might be in the Olympics and have an Olympic parade of athletes and make it all special for the kids.”

Kids can try skating, hockey, even limbo and hula hoop. Medals and ribbons will be awarded. And, tee shirts will be for sale. Polwey says, “We’re raising money for the U.S. Olympic Team. We’re selling tee shirts. 50 percent of the money goes back to the U.S. Olympic Team.”

Allison and Madison are looking forward to watching the Olympics, as they perfect their moves in the rink. The Olympic Party is at the Ice Ridge in Southridge Mall on Sunday, February 16th from 12 to 5:30. Admission is $5. A skate rental is $3.50. Addison and Madison will show off their skills this weekend at the Iowa Winter Games.