Old-School Farm Power on Display Near Marshalltown

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Over the past century, Iowa farmers could earn a living on 80 to 100 acres using horses or tractors. This weekend, the Mid-Iowa Antique Power Association is showing off the old-school farming at their show site near Marshalltown.

“We like to do demonstrations. There’s a demonstration of threshing, some guys are out plowing right now, we have a sawmill that will demonstrate, and after a  while we will plow some potatoes with a team of horses,” said Phil Tetzloff, a board member of the Mid-Iowa Antique Power Association, from Marshalltown. “My dad had a small farm. He also worked for the Oliver Corporation, made tractors, I plowed, cultivated, made hay, and shelled corn.”

On Friday many of the exhibitors had a chance to plow some ground, which had been an oats field.

“I love to plow. I’ve got another tractor that I usually get out. I just got this restored, “ said Dan Fuss, of Nevada. “It’s a 1949 case AC 355 I love to plow.”

“It’s great. People could see the way it was in the old days, what guys went through,” said a man who gave the name, “Farmer Dan.” “Especially like the threshing machine there with all the work that was involved in getting an oats crop put in.”

The show runs Saturday and Sunday. For more information, check their website.


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