Ohio Shootings, Open Primary Season, Latham vs. Boswell

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Monday Happenings:

Those shootings at the Ohio school this morning really take on a new meaning now that I’m a parent. What a horrifying feeling that must be to get the news someone started shooting at your child’s school. Horrifying.

Primary season is officially underway in Iowa. The Iowa Secretary of State released news of the open period this morning. Primaries always get everyone’s juices flowing. A potential battle between fellow current Republican statehouse representatives, Annette Sweeney and (U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley’s grandson) Pat Grassley, in northeast Iowa could be interesting, eh? Redistricting put the two together.

4th District Republican Congressman Tom Latham sent out a release this morning to say he was the first to file for a federal office. He tweeted this:

Filed 10,000 signatures for IA3 ballot qualifying in every county. Filing the first hour of the first day – true grassroots organization

Latham takes on current 3rd District Democratic Congressman Leonard Boswell, thanks to redistricting. Since the new district is almost evenly split between Republicans, Democrats and Independents, it will be fun to watch the two sell Iowans on how they’re “independent-minded”. Latham’s good friends with Republican House Speaker John Boehner. Boswell gets some help raising money from former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi next week.

Wonder how each one will try to use those relationships as fodder in the campaign?


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