Off-Duty Urbandale Medic Responds to Fire Call on Foot at Neighbor’s Home


URBANDALE, IOWA — The Urbandale Fire Department was beaten to the scene of a house fire this week by one of their own. Thanks to his quick action, a family will be staying in their home this Christmas.

Urbandale Fire Medic Brad Crookshank was at home last Saturday when he heard a fire call on his street. Crookshank grabbed his shoes, then a fire extinguisher, and ran to the scene of the fire just down the block where he quickly knocked down the flames.

Thanks to Crookshank’s quick response time, the fire was contained to just the laundry room and the family wasn’t forced out just days before Christmas. “It was one of those days where God was on our side,” homeowner Ulysses Gray says, “Basically I think our house would be in much worse shape if it wasn’t for Brad.”

Gray has just one word for his neighbor: ‘hero’.

“We say ‘hero’ and we use it because everyone else is using it,” Gray says, “But when you see someone in action and they do those things and go above and beyond and basically just do it without thinking about it -just do it – that is a hero.”

But Crookshank has a simpler description for his actions: neighborly. “I think any neighbor is going to help another neighbor with anything they can handle. And that being what I do for a living obviously I’m able to handle certain situations.”


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