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People pay a bit more for farm fresh produce because they know health is something you cannot put a price on.

But since corn, squash, onions, and zucchini don’t grow and harvest themselves for free, the thousands of people who rely on the Des Moines area religious council’s food pantry, would have no nutritious value in their food pantry box. 

Everyone who comes into the DMARC pantry gets four-days worth of free food, per month.  And now, this will appear in their boxes, thanks to people who buy produce, then donate it, others who showed up to haul it.

 Dana Miller says, “We saw on Facebook that there was a volunteer opportunity.”

And a very generous family that grows it.  The Rineharts from Boone brought a free truckload just for DMARC.  They’re concerned about what the drought will do to their later crops.

Greg Rinehart says, “The later sweet corn will be shorter and smaller ears.”

But up to this point it’s been bountiful.

Greg says, “And there’s a lot of other vendors, farmers that donate, as well.”

For most of Des Moines’ poor, money isn’t the only thing standing between them and a healthy bite. Sometimes they’re on the bus route, and getting to the market is next to impossible. 

So, they’re bringing the market to them.

The Rinehart’s donated a mile worth of crops for volunteers to plant and weed at their farm near Boone.

It yielded 250 dozen ears of sweet corn and nearly 400 pounds of zucchini and squash.