DES MOINES, Iowa — As November 2022 ended on a frigid note, you may be surprised to learn that temperatures for the month were very close to average.

Of course, November highlights that “averages” come from extremes. In other words, extreme high temperatures averaged with extreme low temperatures to create the more seemingly moderate “normals” or “averages” we use each month. Fall is a transition season, when colder, more winterlike air, battles with warmer, more summerlike air.

November of this year started on a very warm note, with highs in the mid to upper 70s. Most of the first ten days were warmer than normal before a colder trend arrived for the middle of the month. Temperatures settled in the 50s for the last full week of November, several degrees above normal.

Most of November’s rainfall arrived in the first weekend. That system dropped over two and a half inches of rain in just two days. Accumulating snow arrived midway through the month, dropping around three inches of snow in the metro. This event left us with an inch of snow more than normal for the month. Overall, the month was also one inch wetter than normal, largely thanks to all the rain early in the month.

November wrapped up “meteorological fall” for the year, the months meteorologists and climatologists use to keep records for the season of fall. Now, we’ll see what December and this year’s meteorological winter bring!