NOT FAIR: Cashier At Fair Goes On Tirade

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A Des Moines family says they were treated un-fair at the state fair.   They say a cashier at the fair tried to overcharge them for tickets to Thursday’s race.  And when they complained—the cashier went on a tirade—and the whole thing was caught on tape. “This jackass started it.” The cashier can be heard shouting,  “Ma’am, I was just, I just didn’t want to pay another five dollars.  I don’t know why you’re so upset.” race fan Jeff Bettis replied,  I’m sorry you feel that way.”  You’re such a damn cheap ass.” the woman countered,  “Oh go ahead.  Big tears.  I need to see these big tears.”

Bettis says he only wanted to watch the races with his family—but complained when he was charged 15-dollars for tickets.  The state fair website clearly says the tickets were 10-dollars.  He says he understands the mix-up—but he can’t understand why the cashier blew up at him like that.  “It’s only ten dollars a person to get in so we went down there and the lady at the ticket booth was charging 15 and real politely  pulled up my phone and showed her the website that said the state fair right there on the homepage that showed that it was supposed to be ten dollar admission and tried showing it to her and she wasn’t too happy about it.”

The race promoter apologized for the cashier’s behavior, and says he didn’t properly communicate to the fair that tickets should have been 15-dollars each.

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