Norwalk High School Sisters Host DIY YouTube Channel for Elementary Students


NORWALK, Iowa — Two sisters from Norwalk High School are helping local elementary school students with quarantine DIY projects. 

Junior Callen Randall and sophomore Marin Randall are still busy at home taking AP and high school classes as they finish off their school year, but that didn’t stop them from wanting to help others. 

“Our family was hosting cooking classes for some of our family, friends, and we saw how much they enjoyed cooking with us and learning how to make new food. And we thought that maybe younger kids who are bored at home in quarantine might want to learn how to make food, too,” said Marin.

The sisters approached Lakewood Elementary School’s principal and asked to make weekly DIY videos for its students. The school says last week 340 students tuned in to learn how to make brownies from the sisters’ official YouTube channel called “The Quarantine Crew.”

Videos are going to be posted every Monday night and the sisters have planned five weeks of activities for the channel. This week is focaccia. The next couple of weeks will be planned around crafts like sewing buttons, making blankets and tie-dying.

“Our hope for the younger kids is that they’re trying something new and getting a little bit out of their comfort zone. I definitely know when I was in elementary school I was not cooking brownies by myself or making focaccia bread. Never. I’ve never done that,” said Marin.

“It kind of just takes their mind off of what’s going on. It gives them a chance to just do something that’s exciting and new and just have fun with it,” said Callan.

For a link to The Quarantine Crew’s YouTube page, click here.


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