Northeast Iowa Sheriff Battling Cancer With Help from Community

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FAYETTE COUNTY, Iowa  —  A northeast Iowa sheriff’s deputy now knows just how much support he has.

As KWWL’s Taylor Bailey reports, Mike Everding has been battling stage four cancer since doctors diagnosed him last fall, but does not let the disease define him.

“We are gonna fight it all the way through there’s no other option,” he said.

Mike is a grandfather, husband, dad, and deputy, and all of these reasons make him determined to fight.

“We are gonna go down swinging or whatever we have to do to the end, so we are gonna make it work.”

Mike’s cancer started near his prostate and then spread to his bones.

“For a while there we were hoping that they diagnosed wrong, is what we were hoping at first, we thought maybe they had something wrong, but it turned out it wasn’t.”

After six rounds of chemo and countless doctor visits, he continues to fight.

“Anybody who deals with cancer know that we have good days, we have bad days, and it kind of just mixes up in between, and I feel like I have to fight and win for all of my family, friends, and everybody that has helped support me along this journey,” said Mike.

A journey–not a battle–that includes hours of treatment.

“Get the chemo cocktail, I call it, and some injections and we go from there,” said Mike, with a smile on his face. He says being positive is what you have to do to face this kind of challenge. “I mean all the needle sticks and everything it is what it is, it’s what you’ve got to do and if you set your mind to it, so that’s kind of how we roll with it,” he said.

Mike’s family is by his side every step of the way, with even the youngest members there for support.

“It was kind of a change, it wasn’t what we expected of course, but we can do anything together, we will get through it.” It’s gonna be tough, but we will do it.”

A benefit for Mike took place in Denver on Sunday, and another is planned to help with medical expenses next month.


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