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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – For the first time, one nonprofit is teaming up with the “Andrew Giving Fund” to give individual youth athletes holiday packages.

Opportunity on Deck is a nonprofit that provides access to sporting activities to children for free.

The nonprofit is gifting MVP packages for a specific sport. People can nominate an elementary school athlete to receive the package.

To nominate an athlete go to their Facebook page and click on the Google doc. In the Google doc you will answer various questions to personalize the package.

Sport package options include: baseball, basketball, dance, soccer, softball and others.

Assistant Executive Director for Opportunity on Deck, Amy Tagliareni, said the packages are a way to give back to the community.

“For us, this is just another way to reach out to kids in the community. We’re a growing organization. We want to reach as many kids as we can, so we’re using the gifts we have been given from the people that donate to us paying that forward,” Tagliareni said.

Items in each package include: Opportunity on Deck jersey, pair of shoes to the specific sport, equipment, prizes and more.

The MVP packages are being funded by the “Andrew Giving Fund.”

Founder of The Andrew Giving Fund, Kellie Urlich, said as of now there is no capped limit.

“I love that they get to select their activity. It makes it a little more personal for the child, who’s going to be receiving it. I love that the sport provides them something that they can do all year. That it is not a gift that is going to get played with once and then put away. It is something that is going to provide year round entertainment for them,” Urlich said.

Tagliareni said all the packages will be sent out by Christmas.

The nonprofit will send out 50 MVP packages. Deadline to nominate an athlete is December 15th.

If you have any questions or would like to help donate to the nonprofit contact