No Ruling Yet on Injunction in DMPS Lawsuit Against the State


DES MOINES, Iowa — There was no ruling in Friday’s hearing on Des Moines Public Schools’ lawsuit against Gov. Kim Reynolds and the Department of Education.

The judge said the state submitted documents too late and he didn’t have enough time to read them before Friday’s hearing.

Back in August, Des Moines Public Schools requested a waiver to move to 100% online learning but the state denied that request. Because of this, Des Moines Public Schools is suing the state, saying Reynolds is trying to take over local control.

The state attorney argued that other districts in the Des Moines metro are following state guidelines successfully.

An epidemiologist from the University of Minnesota warned the court of how easy the virus spreads.

“The challenge we have is how in any environment of indoor air do we actually provide protection. And that’s a real challenge and to think of the very challenges that that’s raised with us in terms of transmission, particularly in a state like Iowa where the transmission situation right now is among the worst in the entire country,” said University of Minnesota Professor and Epidemiologist Dr. Michael Osterholm.

The judge is expected to make a ruling on this case next Tuesday. That is the day Des Moines Public Schools plans to hold the first day of school online.


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