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It was a packed house at Chariton City Hall Monday night as residents looked for answers about a police officer who tased a mentally disturbed woman two years ago — even after the woman was handcuffed and hogtied in the back of his squad. But city council members, the mayor, and the chief of police refused to answer questions.

“It should be addressed for the people who live here,” says Chariton resident Joan Amos, “We need some settlement here.  This is so wrong.  So wrong.” 

“Them just letting it go like this is just covering it up and stalling,” adds Chariton resident Ed Brothero, “I definitely think something should be done about it. It’s the only reason that brought me out here.”

What they’re talking about is a video we were able to obtain of Chariton Police Sergeant Tyler Ruble tasing a mentally disturbed woman in the back of his police car — even though she was handcuffed and hog-tied. 

In a written statement the police chief defends the tasing saying it’s been reviewed by his department and the city.  But that’s news to the mayor, who admits he’s never seen any such report.  The mayor then refused to answer any more of our questions.

The police chief also refused to answer any questions.