Night Lights: Iowa’s Unique Glow-In-In-The-Dark Trail Nears Completion


VINTON, Iowa – What’s better than a lighted trail at night? How about one that glows in the dark?

Leave it to small town Iowa to find a new innovation to draw even more two-wheeled tourists into the area. Vinton’s Parks and Recreation Department was searching for ways to make their new recreational trail stand out when they came across glow-in-the-dark trails in other parts of the world. After finding a source for the required glow stones and modifying trail plans to make the cost of the stones fit into the budget, the glowing Nathan’s Miles Trail is nearing completion.

At two miles long, this will be the longest glow-in-the-dark trail in the United States. 3,000 pounds of glow stones from Ambient Glow Technology have been spread – by hand – on the concrete trail as it was being poured. The stones require only 15 minutes of sunshine to glow for 15 hours.

Nathan’s Miles Trail is named after Nathan Hesson, a former Vinton city councilman and advocate for Vinton’s recreation areas. Hesson passed away in January. The trail passes near Hesson’s home.

A grand opening ceremony will take place on May 27 at 9:30 p.m. Video of the trail glowing will be published here soon after.

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