NEWTON, Iowa – In Newton the news of NASCAR’s return to the Iowa Speedway was welcomed. 

It was the talk over the noon hour at the Newton Maid Rite, where they serve up lunch and conversation around the lunch counter.

“I’ve been there almost every race they’ve had there over the years and I’m gonna be excited to see NASCAR. Think it’s long overdue,” said Steve Postma, of Ellsworth.

Gene Tornquist, of Newton, was having lunch there with his wife Diana.

‘I think it’s awesome, this a great track, fast. It’s the fastest 7/8 of a mile around and the grooves on every lane is great so drivers love it,” said Tornquist.

Tornquist said he would decide if he would buy tickets to the race depending on the cost. The ticket information has not yet been announced.

“I just like the drivers, all these young drivers, I’ve always loved racing.” said Tornquist. “I watch IndyCar, NASCAR, Truck Series, doesn’t matter, I like them all.”

Others, even not necessarily NASCAR fans, said the new event would be good for the community.

“It brings out the cars here into the town and brings that money into the community,” said Ward Warning of Newton. 

At Stacy’s Sweetstuff in downtown Newton the event helped when they used to hold parades through downtown around the race events. That brought out people and business to the storefronts. The parades have not happened since COVID-19.

“I remember working at Moo’s Barbecue anytime they had a race weekend,” said Jesse Graham, of the Sweetstuff Shop. “It was just crazy busy with catering teams coming in during the week.”