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NEWTON, Iowa — A brazen burglar ripped off the Fore Seasons Golf Practice Center in Newton early Sunday morning, and the whole crime was caught on camera.

“Within 30 seconds. Yeah. 30 seconds,” owner Dawn Peters said after watching the surveillance video. “He was in, grabbed the cash drawer and was out. Got in with a crowbar through the front door.”

The owners of Fore Seasons told Channel 13 News there is about a 30 second delay on their alarm. So the thief broke in and in less than 30 seconds, was able to get in through the door, get all the cash and get right back out again. The owners say that means this thief knew exactly where to look for the till.

“Oh, absolutely,” owner David Peters said. “He knew right what he was doing. Planned out his steps and got in and out of here and opened the door and back out of it in 30 seconds. It was amazing to me.”

Dawn Peters added, “We hadn’t even gotten the call from the security company yet by the time he was out the door. So he knew what he was doing. He knew where he was going.”

In all, the thief got away with about $2,000. But he stole something else too; a lot of people’s peace of mind. “I go to work everyday and my husband goes to work everyday. We work full time jobs and we have this business on the side,” Dawn Peters said. “And it’s just kind of heartbreaking to think that somebody would do that to you.”

If you think you recognize the man in the video, call the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department at (641) 792-5912.

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