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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  When a new year rolls around, people often make resolutions to lose weight or give up something to be healthy. A lot of us end up falling short of meeting these goals, so what if we made a new kind of resolution to stay on track?

If you focus on being happy and healthy, meeting your goals may become a nice side benefit.

If you want to lose weight, instead of subtracting certain foods, add something. Eat a serving of vegetables at every meal or add glasses of water to your daily routine. Over time, these additions will leave no room for unhealthy habits.

Taking a break from screens can also be beneficial, whether this means eliminating the TV, computer, or other devices during the day. Being sedentary isn’t great for the waistline, so try stepping outside for some fresh air instead of sending that extra tweet or scrolling through Facebook a little longer.

Really want to stop unhealthy eating habits? Try not to multitask while you eat. Paying attention to the food you’re putting in your mouth can cut down on mindless eating, and may help you make better food choices.

If you choose a theme as your New Year’s resolution, you may see better results. Choosing a word or phrase that describes how you want to feel instead of what you think you should do can have a positive impact on your behavior over time.

With just under a week until the new year, there’s still time to make your resolutions–and a plan to stick with them!