DES MOINES – A new cleaner and more convenient way for people to redeem bottles and cans is coming to the metro. Droppett! is opening to the public soon and will allow people to drop cans off in bags and then send money directly to their bank accounts.

Doug Webb, Droppett!’s President and CEO, said that the updates to Iowa’s Bottle Redemption Bill that passed this summer paved the way for the company.

“That’s what the legislature gave us the opportunity to do is bring the Droppett! program which is clean and convenient to consumers,” Webb said.

On top of increasing the revenue that redemption centers earn per bottle and can, the new bill allowed redemption centers to pay people at a later date which is why Droppett! is able to send money directly to users’ bank accounts.

Webb also said that they needed to bring in important technology to make the program work.

“We found that Oregon, Maine, and New York had a bag drop system. The bag drop proved to us that it was clean and convenient,” Webb said, “We just took those best practices and introduced them to the state of Iowa.”

Droppett! plans to open to the public soon. To learn more about how the program works and how to sign up visit their website.