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OSCEOLA, Iowa — A new device is helping put a small Central Iowa community hospital on the map.

The newest in imaging and ultrasound technology is now located in Osceola at Clarke County Hospital.

“We started with a very basic ultrasound units, we`re getting now into this new unit, higher resolution, higher quality of imaging,” says Dr. George Fotiadis.

The Philips Affiniti 70 machine provides ultrasound and imaging technology far greater than what the hospital is used to.

“It`s completely night and day the other one was a little like looking through a snow globe you could kind of see what you were looking at but had to guess a lot more,” says Imaging Tech, Jessica Ritchie, RVT, RDCS.

The technology has a wide range. It can be used to check valves and blood flow in the heart to detecting blood clots and early issues in utero.

“We`re able to provide those crystal clear, crisp images for the radiologist and cardiologist they need to make an accurate diagnosis for the patient to get them on the fast track to healing,” says Richie.

It also allows doctors to send their patients down the hall for care instead of sending them to a bigger city.

“By having that strong technology locally, patients don`t have to take off work for a full day,” says Clarke County Hospital CEO Brian Evans.

Clarke County Hospital started using the machine about a month ago.

Hospital officials say it has the ability to continue to evolve as technology advances in the future.