NEW SCHOOL: Edmunds’ First Day Excites

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They rolled out a green carpet… heck they washed the parking lot!

It was the first time the flag had been raised…the windows, newly shined…

The playground just out of the wrapper and the slide yet un-slid.

It was a new day at the all-new Edmunds Elementary, and the cups of anticipation runneth over.

The halls were unwalked, the stairs unclimbed, the clocks had never been read and the lockers hadn’t been opened.

Edmunds is something fresh and sparkling in a part of town that doesn’t take that stuff for granted.

“I think it is wonderful for this neighborhood,” said parent, Angela Jones. “We are over in Oakridge and a lot of the kids that are in Oakridge will be coming to school here at Edmunds and it’s great.”

“Our students have been in 17 different schools in the Des Moines Public School System,” said principal, Jaynette Rittman, “and we are very excited to bring them all back home to one community.”

It won’t be easy. More than half of Edmunds’ students come from homes where the English language is foreign.  Two-thirds will eat subsidized lunches.

But listen to this…

When asked, “What’s your favorite part of your new school?” “All the new classrooms,” is the reply.

Heh, heh… someone write down the time and date! Kids love the classrooms!  Could this really be happening?

“I bet you can’t wait to start school?” “No!” another says.

Alright, everything has limits, even at a place like Edmunds where the very first day seems like the best one ever.


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