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After months of debate and delays, the Des Moines city council has finally approved a plan to limit new liquor licenses in the city.

The new rules set new restrictions on smaller businesses that request liquor licenses.

Liquor must be kept in a locked case, the entire site must be landscaped and well lit, and drive-through windows are not allowed.

There are also limits on how close a business can be to a church, school or playground and a limit on proximity to another store with a liquor license.

Chris Coleman says this is the council’s way of complying with state law and at the same time protecting its own citizens.  

“Fourth rate operators have moved in, they’re selling stuff that’s not good for our kids. I don’t want them in the neighborhoods and I think the whole council agrees with that,” says Coleman. “These small entities are going to have a lot harder time getting a liquor license to operate in our neighborhoods starting tonight.”

The council still has to finish writing the new ordinance and publish it before it becomes official.

There is currently a moratorium on new liquor licenses.