BOONE, Iowa — On Monday a new overpass opened on Iowa 17 in Boone. The overpass gives another option for residents to cross over the railroad tracks that split the town.

The project was made possible by the Iowa DOT, the county, the city, as well as help from Union Pacific Railroad and Fareway Stores.

Fareway has a warehouse in Boone that supplies its stores. Before the overpass was built semi trucks headed to the warehouse would sometimes have to wait more than an hour for trains to pass which caused delays and other issues.

Mark Wyrick, the Director of Fleet Management at Fareway Stores, said that Fareway and the rest of the Boone Community are excited that the overpass project is finally finished.

“Meeting started about 5-6 years ago and of course, everybody’s got to do all their work to get the plans made up and get everything authorized and we just thank the DOT for all the work that they did, Union Pacific for everything they put forward into the project, and it’s just long-awaited and I think the community and the county are just so excited to see it come to front here,” Wyrick said.

The overpass is also a much safer way to cross the tracks. Andy Loonan with the Iowa DOT said that the overpass reduces traffic and eliminates an intersection.

“If you can get rid of an intersection whether it be a train or a road it’s gonna be safer. So whenever we can take out those interactions between vehicles and other vehicles or trains in this case definitely makes it safer,” Loonan said.

The project cost $20 million, $3 million of which was donated by Fareway Stores and Union Pacific Railroad.