‘New Providence’ Movie May Soon be Streaming


AMES, Iowa — A movie about six-on-six girls basketball in Iowa may soon be available on a streaming platform. Jack Smith, the creator and producer of the movie “New Providence,” said the movie will possibly be shown in Iowa theaters around March.

“I’d like to say we’re 99.9% done. We’re just making a few audio and dialogue corrections or adjustments,” said Smith. “We should be able to button it up within a week.”

Meanwhile, work is in progress to offer the film on a streaming service, possibly in December.

“I think it’s pretty good. We’re just talking through a couple of different streaming platforms right now to make it available for rental. It won’t be available for download, but you’ll be able to stream it online,” said Smith. “We’re just trying to figure out what the requirements are for that, what we need to supply the platform with.”

Smith said “New Providence” is not a documentary. There is already a documentary on girls six-on-six basketball by Iowa PBS. This film is a fictional story instead. They hope to premiere showings in Iowa around the time of the Iowa Girls State High School Basketball tournament.

“That’s what we would like to do is open it up that same week or weekend as a girls state tournament. It could be kind of fitting,” said Smith.

The idea for the movie was born when Smith came to Iowa from California in 1993, but he never actually got to see girls six-on-six basketball play. He said the effort to produce this film has taught him patience.

“I wrote the first draft of this in late ’96 early ’97. To finally get to this point and then just what it took specially on the Iowa end of things because I’m in California,” said Smith. “Thor Moreno and Annette Duffy, the production company, they’re Innovative Pictures, they did so much of the pre-production work out there.”

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