DES MOINES, Iowa — A bill that has been in the works for several years at the Iowa Statehouse finally has been voted through a chamber.

In a vote of 60 to 37, House File 2562, passed through the Iowa House. This bill would extend an eviction or rent hike notice for mobile home owners from 60 days to 90. It would also extend the time period for utility increases as well. An earlier version of this bill included exempting mobile home owners from having to pay property taxes. That was taken out with an amendment on Tuesday.

“While the goal was lofty we really tried to work this out, working through the implications of the repeal however, we feel that it cast too wide of a net that would complicate things for cities and counties,” said State Representative Brian Lohse (R) from Bondurant. “We do plan on working through this issue in the interim to focus this down to help the people we are truly trying to help.”

Random rent hikes and evictions has been taking place for years in the state and around the nation. Park properties that used to be owned by locals are now being bought up. This is the main reason why several different lawmakers have been working on this specific issue for years.

“To being purchased by large out of state corporations and private equity firms, some of the wealthiest people in our country are snatching up some of the poorest people in our country,” said State Representative Lindsay James (D) from Dubuque.

A coupe of Democrats voted for this bill to pass, because it is giving some protections to those in mobile homes. But it is not close to what they want fully accomplished.

“I am going to vote yes on this bill tonight because I know there are a couple good things in it,” said State Representative Kenan Judge (D) Waukee. “But I am also going to publicly say that we missed the mark.”

The bill heads over to the Iowa Senate where there is a counterpart bill from earlier in the session.