New Mountain Zebra Pair Finally on Exhibit at Blank Park Zoo


(Courtesy: Blank Park Zoo)

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DES MOINES, Iowa – The public is finally getting a chance to see the Blank Park Zoo’s new black-and-white striped stars.

The pair of Mountain Zebra has been at the zoo for months, we told you about their arrival back in March, but they haven’t been on exhibit because they startle easily and needed time to acclimate to their new enclosure.

Duke and Duchess are Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra and are three and four years old.

“Zebra are one of the top requests guests have asked me to bring to Blank Park Zoo,” said Mark Vukovich, CEO. “There are only 35,000 mountain zebras left in natural areas, so we are proud they will be able to participate in the Species Survival Program to help preserve and protect zebras for future generations.”

Duke and Duchess are being introduced to a pair of ostriches in the hope they’ll be able to share an enclosure and until zookeepers feel it’s safe for them to live together – they will time-share the habitat.

You’ll be able to see Duke and Duchess on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Blank Park Zoo hasn’t had zebra since 2011.


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