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Poll Power: Iowa Governor Chet Culver was down big time in the Iowa Poll last February. His challenger, Republican former governor Terry Branstad, lead by 20 points, 53%-33%. The Des Moines Register releases its newest poll tonight. The Register’s Kathie Obradovich will be with us on the Channel 13 News at 10 to break down the numbers. How much does Culver need to make up to convince national Democrats not to take their money elsewhere? There are many other states, especially in the Midwest, where other Democratic governors could use some financial help. There is only a little more than a month left in the race. So does Culver need to cut that previous 20-point gap in half? Is that too much? Or is that what it takes to convince the national money-handlers that he can still win?

What is your prediction of the poll numbers? And, yes, you have to put your prediction here BEFORE the new poll comes out tonight at 9pm central:)

Inside the Insiders: One of the benefits of our new software/editing system here at the station is that I get to watch the recording of Channel 13’s “Insiders” from my desk while I’m working on tonight’s newscasts. Here are a couple of quotes that stand out:

Democratic insider Jerry Crawford said this, “It takes a better spin doctor than me”.
Republican insider Doug Gross had this to say, “It’s not the big. It’s the small.”

But you will have to watch Sunday morning at 9:30 to find out what they were talking about at the time:)


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