DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s that time of year again when people want to celebrate the holiday weekend with fireworks.

While some will go to watch displays, others want to create the displays themselves by buying fireworks.

“Growing up in a rural community, it just seems like you gotta get some fireworks no matter what,” James Bromm of Johnston said. “Even with inflation, I’m gonna buy them, I don’t care.”

A new law in Iowa may mean there’s more places to buy fireworks because it does not allow cities and counties to restrict sales in zones for commercial or industrial use.

Highway 141 in Grimes is a particular hot spot for pop-up tents. John McDonald with Grimes Factory Fireworks Outlet said shipping costs caused them to bump up prices.

“Customers maybe aren’t spending as much as they used to, but our sales are really good,” McDonald said.

That doesn’t mean every place is as busy.

“There’s lots and lots of competition up and down, especially in this area,” McDonald said. “There’s probably eight to 10 tents on this road here on 141 but we do it well.”

“Our sales have been a little under than last year,” Oliver Towers, with Blazing Glory Fireworks, said, “but we’re still doing alright.”

While buying fireworks can be expensive and you have to follow city ordinances, there are local fireworks displays.

For a list of where to watch, click here.