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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  When well-known restaurants in Des Moines like Sam and Gabe’s and Tacopacalypse closed in 2018, it reminded us that the restaurant business is a tough one. Staying alive is a constant fight. Even one of Des Moines’ most distinctive spots, Fong’s Pizza, is doing what they can to keep customer engagement up.

For their 10th year open downtown, Fong’s Pizza is rolling out a new menu. With eight new pizzas and four reworked recipes.

“Of course we have kept some of the old favorites [like the Crab Rangoon Pizza]… that’s what makes Fong’s, Fong’s. But you’ve got to stay innovative and I think we’ve come up with some really fantastic products that I think our fans are going to super enjoy,” Fong’s Pizza General Manager Nick Brink said.

Many might think that running a restaurant would be fun, Brink agrees but he said there is a lot more to it that you might think.

“It’s important to understand what role you fill in the community… there is something to be said about trying to be something for everyone but there is also something to be said about doing one thing and doing it very very well,” Bring said.

In an age where people can learn how to make gourmet food on YouTube, getting people out of the house and eating in a restaurant is more of a challenge.

“You want to come up with something that’s exciting and engaging, sure you potentially could make this at home but we’ve got a fantastic atmosphere, we’re making great drinks, some great beers and we’re making some fantastic pizza,” Brink said.

Expect a new Fong’s Pizza location to open in 2019 in the Drake neighborhood.