New Event After Farm Progress Show Cancels for 2020


BOONE, Iowa — The Central Iowa Expo learned recently learned the Farm Progress Show would not be coming to the grounds this year due to COVID19. That meant a chance for the non-profit Expo to try something new. For the first time the Expo will hold a drive through farmers market.

The first ever such event opened on Friday with a handful of vendors set up with social distance in mind. A number of people showed up to shop when the event opened.

“So when the Farm Progress decided to cancel this year because of the obviously of underlying issues we decided that our grounds would be free and open for the rest of the year,” said Expo Events Manager Kris Blocker. “So we decided that we would try something new.”

The Expo has plenty of open space along paved roads, they also have some buildings which could be used.

“Our buildings are open we have a couple buildings that have garage doors to swing out so you’re able to drive all the way through them,” said Blocker. “If the weather gets bad and we need to change positions if you just go ahead and move inside the building.”

The Expo grounds was built a number of years back to have a permanent location every other year to host the giant outdoor farm show.

“You know we know that it’s gonna take a while to get it going but we do have a handful of vendors that are coming out today and a food truck,” said Blocker. “We’re excited to get it started and I think once people you know realize the concept they’ll enjoy it and I wanna be a part of it as well.

This Farmers Market runs Fridays 4-8 pm through October 30th. People wishing to vendors may do so by calling 515-432-3342.


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