URBANDALE, Iowa — A new gun control coalition, Iowans For Responsible Gun Laws, launched in response to a Iowa gun amendment.

The coalition is comprised of around 30 organizations across the state. The group joined together for the sole purpose of advocating against a gun amendment that will be on the ballot in November.

At the coalition’s launch event held at the Urbandale Public Library, many members expressed their concerns regarding the gun amendment. Connie Ryan, Executive Director of Interfaith Alliance of Iowa and co-leader of Iowans For Responsible Gun Laws, said the amendment was reckless and misleading.

“We want to be very clear the reckless gun amendment is not the Second Amendment,” Ryan said. “It has very little resemblance to the Second Amendment and those who are saying otherwise are intentionally misleading the public.”

Iowans For Responsible Gun Laws claim the new amendment would limit gun control laws like universal background checks or licenses to carry a gun in public.

The amendment in question would add the right to bear and own arms into Iowa’s constitution. The amendment passed through legislation the past two sessions, which leaves the public to vote on it in the November election.

You can learn more about Iowans For Responsible Gun Laws on their website.