New Bondurant Subdivision Unable to Connect to Internet Due to Missing Broadband Line


BONDURANT, Iowa — More than two dozen newly-constructed houses across from an Amazon fulfillment center have no access to, or any other websites.

The homes in Bondurant’s Wolf Creek neighborhood have no internet access because an underground broadband line was never extended through their lot.

It has become a frustrating situation for Mike and Erin Wiskus, who moved into their new home in the neighborhood six months ago.

“My co-worker said to me, ‘I thought you said in your interview that you had just built a new house,'” Mike Wiskus said. “I said ‘We did, and it has no internet.'”

“It was quite an adjustment, and still is, to try to navigate without any internet to our homes,” Erin Loft-Wiskus said.

The Wiskuses have asked CenturyLink to build a line connecting their neighborhood. In a series of e-mails, a CenturyLink representative told the family the developer never paid for the line and that “services would not be available in the future.”

A follow-up e-mail from CenturyLink estimated the Wiskuses would have to pay $30,000 for a broadband line in their neighborhood, which they say they can not afford. Instead, they have worked around the lack of Internet with phone hotspots and coffee shops.

“It was a huge money difference to use hotspots,” Erin Loft-Wiskus said. “The phone bill was almost triple from what we used to pay for CenturyLink at our old home.”

“We’ve always sat down to have family dinner. Now we often ask, ‘where’s our oldest daughter?'” Mike Wiskus said. “She’s often at Starbucks taking her tests.”

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