New App is like Uber for Lawn Care

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CLIVE, Iowa — With temperatures pushing 100 degrees, the last thing homeowners want to do is push a lawnmower around their yard. Now all they have to do is push an app on their phone.

“GreenPal has been described as Uber for lawn care and it’s the easiest way for homeowners to find, schedule and pay their lawn guy,” GreenPal co-founder Gene Caballero said.

Thomas Stark owned Thomas Lawn Care for 10 years and recently rebranded as a family company.

“We had two trucks and two trailers and three crews. Now it’s just me and my nephew,” Stark said. “Starting back up this year, we hadn’t pulled in a lot of clientele, so I was searching for ways to pull in some jobs.”

On the GreenPal app, the jobs are submitted by the homeowners.

“When a homeowner signs up, obviously they put their address in. That goes to the pre-screened vendors in the area. Those vendors are given the Google area view, the Google street view, the square footage of the property,” Caballero said. “All the vendors do the bidding. All those bids go to the homeowner. The homeowner can see the vendor’s ratings, his reviews and his price, and pictures of previous work and then the homeowner decides who they want to work with.”

The app also handles all transactions, only taking five percent of every mow.

“It makes it a lot easier than trying to chase money down all the time or having to go home and sit in front of the computer for two hours and do all the invoices,” Stark said. “It makes it so we can actually pick up a few more clients and work out in the field a little bit more.”

GreenPal launched in Des Moines just this week, but there are a couple other similar apps such as Lawn Loves and Lawn Starters used in the metro as well.


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