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NEWTON, Iowa — Construction of a new one of a kind softball complex will be starting this fall in Newton.

Project Fastpitch softball complex is going to cost $32 million and will be located right next to the Iowa Speedway.

Laila Pelds is just one of many softball players in Iowa who has been dreaming of a softball complex like Project Fastpitch.

“I’ve been playing softball for a very long time and it’s just such a thrill. The game is so intense and so competitive and I just love to compete,” Pelds said.

With its 12 outdoor fields and four indoor fields coaches and players say its a game changer.

“Well weather can’t stop us so even in the case of a storm we can just move everything inside. With our ceiling height and some technology that’s going in that building we don’t have to worry about balls that will hit the roof and we can play every game inside on a shortened schedule and just play longer days,” Coach and Project Fastpitch Director Marty Maynes said.

Maynes said the facility will be the first of its kind in the United States.

“A player from Illinois can come to central Iowa and play in front of a college coach who is sitting in their office in California. We will have live streaming of our games unlike anything that’s ever been seen in the sport. It will be close to watching say a college world series game or a major league baseball game,” Maynes said.

Maynes said Iowa players have been at a competitive disadvantage due to their summer season, but this new complex will allow players like Pelds to pursue their dreams.

“This opens a whole new door for recruiting for girls in Iowa because traveling to places like California where the really good coaches are is really expensive and some people have the talent to go but they really just can’t afford it. It’s not cheap. And this complex opens a whole new door for girls and they might get to live their dream of going D1 and going to the next level,” Pelds said.

Project Fastpitch plans to break ground later this fall and leaders expect construction will take about a year.